Surround sound has created new and exciting formats for video and audio enjoyment. You can experience high resolution audio up to 6 channels of 24 bit/96Khz. With surround sound, you will find yourself inside a three dimensional music experience instead of sitting on the sidelines. You will be inside the acoustic environment that the recording was made. This is far more realistic than listening to it recreated from a two dimensional source. Many new video (and previously released) projects are being mixed specifically for this new format.

Future Disc has, for more than 20 years, had extensive experience with multi channel audio projects. We know how to make your surround release the absolute best that it can be.

The surround mastering suite uses three Pacific Microsonics Model 2s with sample rates up to 192khz for the finest A-D D-A conversion.

Weiss EQ-1s and DS-1 MK3s are used for digital processing. Sonic HD systems are used for editing. Monitoring is through Steve’s custom Big Bang Acoustics monitors driven with Manley, Boulder and Bryston amps.

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