Getting Started

Stereo wav or aiff files are preferred.

Optimum resolution is 24 bits with sample rates are 44.1 and higher.

Your mixes should peak between -12 to -3 DBFS.

If you have limiting plug-ins on your master bus, you my want to send one without the processing and one with.

Alternate versions should be identical to the main version in terms of level and overall sound.  Alternate versions that require seperate processing (such as remixes) will be charged the full track rate.

Procedure for Online Mastering

Upload your files for mastering or mix consultations.

We will confirm delivery date with you once files are received. 

You will receive a download link to retrieve your mastered song(s) after payment has been recieved.

Turnaround Time

     The average delivery time is 48-72 hours for singles and EPs, or 5-10 working days for albums. If you need faster service, please call us at 213-361-0603.


     If you are not replicating or duplicating your project, you do not need physical masters. WAV files, ready for digital distribution, are included in all rates.

DDP CD Master

     DDP master if you will be replicating or duplicating your CD. A DDP is an error corrected format used for glass master production. A DDP can be delivered on a physical medium or as a downloadable file. A DDP can contain ISRC and other codes. Shipping charges for physical masters will be an additional cost.

ISRC - International Standard Recording Code

     If your music is to be sold on iTunes, you need ISRCs. If your music is being played on the radio, ISRC is an advantage for identification purposes. ISRCs are acquired either from the RIAA direct (or IFPI for international clients), through your distributor (such as iTunes or Tunecore) or your record label. The full code consists of the items below and each song will be assigned a unique ISRC. ISRCs must be provided when you upload your files for mastering and cannot be embedded into WAV files.  US-XYZ-10-001-01 (country-record label-year of registration-release-track)

Gracenote CD Database

     For iTunes and similar software to show the correct title and track names automatically upon CD insertion into your computer, you need to submit your CD's information to online databases. Please read our FAQ for more information.

Terms and Conditions

     Files for mastering with tracklisting and notes must be uploaded in the correct format and ready for download one day before a scheduled session. Alternate versions must be delivered at the same time as the main versions. Changes to the master due to unnoticed errors in the mix or later changes to the mix are billed as other editing. Mastered files will be delivered upon receipt of payment in full. Shipping charges for physical discs will incur additional charges.


Future Disc Mastering Tips

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