Mastering at Future Disc begins as we listen through your recordings in the precisely tuned studio. Together we decide on what will be the best approach to achieve the sound you want and to give your music that extra competitive edge. Our well-equipped studio will give us total flexibility; we can use an entirely digital processing chain, choose from a wide array of analoge options or any combination of both. The signal path that's used is simple, direct and clean. Whatever the project calls for is available here at Future Disc. Whether it’s running digital at 24 bit with sample rates up to 192 kHz, or through class A analog consoles, your audio is processed in the most exacting way through hand wired equipment using the most transparent cables and connectors available.

When we master your music in real time, we select the processing chain that works best for sound of your project. We adjust fades, song sequence, and pause gaps to assemble the project into its final form. We can also do editing for radio edits if different versions are needed. When the mastering is completed, we make references for you to preview and pending your approval, create the DDP CD master. The finished DDP master can be encoded with ISRC codes, CD text. PQ sheets will be included for use by your CD replicator. If you need high res files for Mastered for iTunes or HD Tracks we can create those for you as well.

As a Future Disc client, you are welcome to be present in the studio for all aspects of the mastering process. We also do unattended sessions on a regular basis for clients from all over the world.  

For clients who can’t visit our studio in the McMinnville area, Future Disc has a secure FTP server for your convenience. From your studio to our server and back, the FTP server allows clients to instantly and securely send and receive files to Future Disc. We also accept files via DropBox or Hightale. File delivery has never been easier.

If you have a question about formats, the mastering process, or the industry in general, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

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